Places to ride

The Southeast Ohio Bicyle Map is an excellent complement to these cue sheets. For navigational purposes, use the “splits” from intersection to intersection (vs. cumulative distance). “Splits” are often estimated to nearest half mile (particularly for longer legs). Cumulative distances are just sums of the estimated splits and make less sense for navigating.

Routes are suitable for “road bicycles”, but road conditions change and do be aware that there are occasional road closures and/or road work.

Cue Sheets are “Excel” spreadsheets. Each is formatted to print on one 8.5X11 sheet (and can be reformatted).

Route Start/Finish Distances Alternative Starts
Albany-Hemlock Grove Albany 52 or 41
Albany-Mineral Albany 16, 22, or 26
Albany-Rutland Albany 40
Albany-Union Ridge Albany 26 or 30
Amesville-Rim of the World Amesville 42 or 51 Trimble, Chesterhill
Amesville-Cutler-Little Hocking Amesville 60 or 35 Bartlett
Athens-Albany-Darwin Athens 53
Athens-Amesville-Trimble Athens 50 or 55 Nelsonville
Athens-Darwin-Hockingport Athens 75 Stewart
Athens-Union Ridge-Lake Hope Athens 62 Nelsonville
Harmony Athens 24
Peach Ridge – Canaanville Athens 29 or 42
Rainbow Lake Figure 8 Athens 30
Shady Fox Athens 35 or 45
Tour d’ Hocking Athens 103 Albany, Five Points, Hockingport
TTT Athens 35 or 55 Nelsonville (55 miler)
Albany (55 miler)
Vore Ridge Athens 18 or 25 The Plains
Nelsonville (25 miler)
Dogwood-West Lake Hope 74
Lake Hope Basic Lake Hope 21 or 25
Little Hocking-Cutler Little Hocking 27
Big Diamond Nelsonville 60, 80 or 90 New Straightsville, Moxahala, Trimble
Dogwood-North Nelsonville 55 or 59 Logan
Little Diamonds Nelsonville 10 or 25 New Straightsville (25)
Pomeroy-Forked Run Pomeroy 44 or 52 Tuppers Plains, Reedsville
Pomeroy-Harrisonville Pomeroy 33 or 41
Pomeroy-Sumner Pomeroy 35 or 17
The Boot Pomeroy 52 or 46
Stewart-Little Hocking Stewart 42 Little Hocking