Group Rides

From late spring until whenever it gets too cold or dark to ride, the Athens Bicycle Club hosts a beginner to intermediate level group road ride every Tuesday, and a ride for more advanced riders every Thursday. All rides are “no-drop” rides, which means nobody will be left behind. If the group gets separated, we’ll stop periodically to regroup.

You don’t need a fancy bike or special clothes to ride with us, but we do require that everyone wear a helmet and strongly encourage you to bring at least one water bottle.

At least one club member will be present at each ride to lead the group and an attempt will be made to post routes ahead of time in the Facebook event. For the most timely updates, including last-minute weather cancellations, please see the Athens Bicycle Club’s Facebook group, where rides will be usually posted as Facebook Events. (Sorry, a Facebook account is required.)

Ride Times

  • Tuesday, 6:00 PM: Beginner to intermediate riders. Athens Habitat for Humanity at 525 W Union St. (Map) Free parking available at Habitat and at the VA Clinic across the street.
  • Thursday, 6:00 PM: Intermediate to advanced riders. Athens Public Library parking lot at 30 Home St. (Map) Free parking, but please park in the spaces farthest from the library during business hours.

Ride details

The Tuesday beginner to intermediate road rides will be at a casual pace of 12-14 MPH and the typical ride will be no more than 25 miles. (For the first couple weeks in the fall after students return to Ohio University, we try to offer shorter rides of 5-10 miles.) The majority of the rides, especially early in the season, will be only on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway. Riders will learn how to safely ride in a group as well as other bicycle basics such as hand signals. There may even be opportunities to learn how to fix a flat tire, though we always hope to avoid that! Riders should bring at least one water bottle. Water is available at Habitat House before and after the ride if needed. Riders are encouraged to carry a spare tube and a pump or CO2 inflator.

The Thursday rides cater to more advanced riders. Starting in 2014, there are two options for a Thursday ride. Ride with Team Athens Cycling on their Thursday recovery ride, or opt for a slightly slower pace a half hour later. If you ride with Team Athens, the average speed of the rides will be 16-18 MPH and the typical distance will be anywhere from 25-40 miles. Riders are expected to be self-sufficient, carrying a spare tube, pump or CO2 inflator, tools, and sufficient food and water for this ride. The slower of the Thursday rides is typically 25-30 miles with an average speed of 14-16 MPH.